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Recipe: Thermomix Chilli Jam

Recipe: Thermomix Chilli Jam


Hubby loves anything spicy, so when I saw a simple Thermomix Chilli Jam recipe I knew I had to make it for him.  I’m not a huge fan of spicy foods, mainly mild…like super mild spice, whereas hubby can drink a bottle of Tabasco sauce and not be phased at all.

The original recipe states its great for on top of steaks, but in true James style, since making it he has put it in pretty much every meal…you name it he has put it on it. I ended up using 6 whole chilli’s including the seeds and it sure has a hit of heat! The original recipe called for dried child flakes, but I had purchased some fresh chilli’s during the week so I substituted in those.

Very easy to make, but just remember to open your doors and windows for the chilli fumes…Something I forgot to do, resulting in watering eyes from my 3 year old and myself. 🙁

The result was a super sticky, super heat filled jam that my hubby loves. Just remember to label the jar so little ones don’t mistake it for strawberry jam, because it does look like it! This makes a small-ish jar of jam. The great thing about this recipe is that you can set the chilli factor to your tastes. Want more heat? Add more chilli’s. And vice versa.

Scroll down for recipe.

What you’ll need

500gm large red capsicums – Stems, seeds removed and cut into pieces
180gm raw sugar
100 gram white or red wine vinegar (I used red)
50gm water
4-6 whole chilli’s (Seeds included)* or 3 heaped tsp of dried chilli flakes

*4-6 depending on your chilli/heat taste

What to do

1. Place capsicums in the Thermomix bowl, chop for 5 seconds on speed 4
2. Scrape down sides and repeat if desired for smaller pieces
3. Add wine vinegar, sugar, water and chilli’s (fresh or dried)
4. Cook for 35 mins, Varoma temp, Reverse, soft speed
5. Replace MC with Steaming Basket while cooking
6. Once finished, place into a jar and let cool before refrigerating

This recipe could easily be converted and done in a food processor and the stove top.
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