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Recipe: Clean Toasted Muesli

Recipe: Clean Toasted Muesli

Lately instead of snacking on chips and other naughty things I shouldn’t once my kids have gone to bed, I have been having yoghurt and muesli. But we seem to be going through the muesli very quickly as my kids love to have it also, so I took to the recipe community to find a recipe so I could make a large amount of muesli for us to all enjoy. I knew I had an abundance of nuts, seeds and oats so my base was covered, just needed to add a few other things and I was set. I have now made this recipe twice and the entire family loves it. Even Myla!

This clean toasted muesli recipe is super tasty, really easy to make and makes a lot, so have a large bowl ready. I used 2 large trays and ended up doing 5 trays of muesli from this amount of ingredients below.


What you will need:

300gm almonds
120gm coconut desiccated
200gm pepitas
200gm sunflower seeds
200gm other nuts of your choice
400gm rolled oats
250gm sultanas or dried fruit
130gm coconut oil
200gm honey
1 large bowl

What to do:

1. Grind up 100gm of the almonds into almond meal, 30 seconds speed 9, and place into your large bowl
2. Crush the remaining almonds and other nuts of your choice, 4 seconds speed 5, then place into your large bowl
3. Add the coconut, pepitas and sunflower seeds into your large bowl (You can crush these if you wish but I like them whole)
4. Add the 400gm of rolled oats, crush for 5 seconds speed 5, just to break them up a little, place into your large bucket
5. Add the coconut oil and honey to your Thermomix bowl, heat at 50 degrees for 3 mins on speed 2
6. Pour the coconut oil and honey mixture into your large bowl with the dry ingredients and stir
(It may look like not much, but it will cover the entire lot of dry ingredients sufficiently)
7. Lay your muesli out on lined baking trays and ‘toast’ in the oven for 20 mins at 160-175 degrees
8. Check your muesli after 10 mins, give a quick mix up, cook for a further 10 mins but be sure to keep an eye on it, as it can burn quickly! Toasty brown = perfect. Black = RUINED
9. Let the taste muesli cool on the trays, then add your sultanas/dried fruit.
10. Store in an air tight container

Enjoy with your favourite yoghurt or milk.

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