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Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies have been a favourite in most households for years. I make this recipe weekly for my girls to put in their lunch boxes as a treat or for after school.

To have the perfect texture and taste of chocolate the secret is to use good quality chocolate chips or chocolate. I prefer to use the Cadbury chocolate chips. I have made this recipe with the Home brand ones, and while they still turn out great, the taste is completely different. So don’t be cheap on the chocolate.  This recipe is for the Thermomix, but could easily be done without one.
Grating the chocolate isn’t necessary and I don’t do it every time.

To get the perfect sized cookie, use an old fashion ice cream scoop. I picked mine up at House, for $12.95. Sometimes I don’t use the ice cream scoop and just hand roll them into balls and I am able to get close to 30 cookies, but using the scoop will get you approx 20 cookies depending on the size of your scoop.

recipe chocolate chip cookies
Hand rolled chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

What you will need:

140gm dark chocolate chips or dark chocolate
130gm butter, softened and cut into pieces
100gm caster sugar
100gm brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 egg
200gm plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp bi carb soda
pinch of salt

What to do:

1. Add the chocolate to the Thermomix bowl and grate, 10 seconds speed 8
2. Place into a bowl and set aside
3. Without washing the bowl, add the butter, sugars, vanilla extract and the egg (weighing out separately)
4. Mix for 2 mins, speed 4
5. Add flour, baking powder, bi carb soda and salt
6. Mix for 40 seconds, speed 4
7. Add reserved grated chocolate
8. Mix for 30 seconds, speed 2
9. Use ice cream scoop and place dough 3-4cm apart from each other, as the dough will flatten and spread
10. Bake for 10 mins at 180 degrees
11. Let cool on tray before placing in an air tight container

Recipe via Themomix The Basics Cook Book

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