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Recipe: ABCD Muffins

Recipe: ABCD Muffins

Being a stay at home mum, a few years ago my husband would sometimes come home to a house full of women and their little kiddies. We would all be chatting away, enjoying a coffee and a piece of cake or muffin that one of us had baked for our get together. He always used to say “it’s all coffee and cake with you lot” I laughed it off, until recently when I swear I heard the scales whisper “Omg no more cake Candace!” because well, cake. :p

My kids, apart from Myla, are in full time school and I’ve not had a coffee/cake morning with friends in a very long time, but that doesn’t stop me from making treats for my not so little fam bam. I’ve seen this recipe ABCD muffins and similar versions of it floating about the Internet lately, it’s easy, healthy and very quick to whip up. The end result is a moist delicious muffin that even the fussiest of eaters should enjoy. The slight sweetness from the dates and apple, the banana bread like texture and the hint of coconut mesh so well together, you seriously cannot stop at one.

These are great for lunchboxes, afternoon tea or just because. I have not tested if these are freezable, but I have frozen banana bread before and these muffins are similar in texture, so I don’t see why you couldn’t freeze them. I added a banana chip to the top of mine for extra crunch.


Recipe ABCD Muffins – Thermomix method

What you’ll need:

1 red apple, cored and chopped into quarters

2 small bananas

50gm pitted dates

125gm vegetable oil (I used olive, still worked)

190gm milk

1 egg

15gm desiccated coconut

220gm self raising flour

125gm raw sugar, plus some extra for sprinkling

What to do:

1. Preheat oven 180 degrees

2. Place apple and dates into the Thermomix bowl, chop on Turbo for 10 seconds or until apple is grated and dates are finely chopped

3. Scrap down sides and add bananas, mix on speed 5, 5 seconds

4. Add oil, milk and egg. Mix on Reverse, speed 5, 15 seconds or until really well combined

5. Add the self raising flour, coconut and sugar. Gently mix with your spatula or wooden spoon until just combine – be careful not to over mix

6. Spoon mixture into prepared muffin tins and sprinkle with extra raw sugar

7. Bake for 20 mins, turning tray at 10 mins and then check at 15 mins. Leave muffins in tray for a couple of minutes, then place on cooling rack so the muffins don’t sweat

Recipe ABCD Muffins

Recipe fromĀ Bake Play Smile

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