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Blog: School Lunchbox Ideas

Blog: School Lunchbox Ideas

Even though most of us are on school holidays trying to find something to entertain our children, I’m sure I am not the only one who has the thought of ‘What will they take for school lunches and snacks when they go back to school’ in the back of their mind right?

Surely I am not alone!

Our school does not have a canteen, but once a week my girls have Subway as the replacement of no canteen. I personally think it’s fabulous. For $6 dollars they get a healthy sandwich and a drink. But what do they take for the other 4 days?
Sometimes a ham sandwich or tuna and crackers, some days they even
take the leftovers from the night before! I usually do a big bake up of muffins, cookies and slices each week that are either freezable or can be stored in an air tight container.

I know I am not alone in this and with 3 growing girls in school full time I like to have a lot of websites saved in my bookmarks to go back to for recipes.
So, here are some links to some lunchbox ideas!

1. Create Bake Make have some awesome freezer friendly ideas


2. Snack ideas from Create Bake Make

3. Sandwich Sushi from Kraft Recipes

4. 25 freezer friendly lunchbox ideas from Childhood101

5. A collection of freezable muffin recipes from I Should Be Mopping The Floor


I hope these links give you all some ideas for school lunches and snacks.

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