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Blog: Pepper and Me

Blog: Pepper and Me

Pepper and Me

While watching one of my favourite snap chatters, she popped up a screen shot of a company, I decided that I would check her out and I was not disappointed. I watched her snap for a number of weeks, thinking ‘One day I will buy her range’. Two weeks ago I took the plunge and ordered the Australian Starter Pack for $72 NZD. Which comes with 3 pastes, 3 rub/grind packs, a grinder and a tin of chipotle peppers. (Just remember it does cost a little bit more to have it posted, as it is international post)

Pepper and me is a small business run by the lovely Cherie, located in New Zealand. She is a mumma who makes the most ah-mazing pastes and rubs to enhance your meals…Initially to enhance breast milk production but now she has exploded on the internet and it’s rightly earned!

Yesterday my order finally arrived, I ripped open that box to dive into these products I had seen so many snappers use…Again no disappointment in my purchase at all! They smell amazing. Like I could eat the paste from the jar amazing. I had my meal plan already set out and we were having stew with buttermilk dumplings, so instead of using tomato paste, I use the Mo’Rocckin paste. While it was cooking away in my Thermomix, we all commented how good it smelt…then we tasted it….WOW.
By substituting with this paste from Pepper & Me, it took on a whole new taste! The stew has instantly became a new hit for my family and my girls asked when we could have it again. That is unheard of in my house!

On her website you will also find recipes she has tried and tested with her products, so it gives you an idea of how to use her products, A FAQ page and her blog. Definitely give her products a go, you will kick yourself if you don’t!
Overall I am super happy I bought her products, definitely will be purchasing more in the future.

(Want to follow Cherie on social media? Scroll to the bottom of this post for her links.)

From her website:


I’m Cherie, and I am the owner and co-creator of this beautiful, noisy, inquisitive little cherub named Pepper. We have been on this journey of motherhood for 15 weeks now, what a fun ride it is and certainly a change from my previous occupation as a (self proclaimed) big wig Ponsonby chef and Kitchen manager. Luckily enough, we have had no issues with breastfeeding. It seemed from day one my babe knew how to latch and drain fairly effectively, and feeding has continued smoothly from there on in. Unfortunatly it would seem I am one of the few.

Breastfeeding is certainly not the easy and natural phenomenon described to us in antenatal class and on that silly youtube video where this dude is born and straight crawls up mum with his cord still all attached like and helps himself to a meal. 95% of my new mum squad (it’s a large squad, Pepper and Me are super cool and trendy) have or have had issues. Whether its with under producing, bad latching, shredded nips, mastitis, over producing, stress and anxiety caused from social pressure- its no wonder in England UK Brexit whatever their name is now, most babies get whacked straight on the bottle.

The thing about producing the perfect amount of milk is that I have never had any spare to express to freeze for a rainy day (rainy day at the pub drinking syrah type rainy day). Priorities right. I thought the more I pumped the more I would produce, but it didn’t really work that way. Once again, Miss P super efficient at draining. Gets super excited about food, like mumzy.

I had read about how my old friends Fennel, Fenugreek, Dill tips and seeds, Basil, flaxseed and their squad could help boost lactation, and being the super food wanker I am not, I skeptically gave it a go. My poor tatas didn’t know what had hit them. Miss P drank and drank, then still got five streams of milky goodness shooting her in the face after she was done. Some may disagree but I called that an epic win for the rainy day milk bank.

I love food. I love creating, tasting, and improving food- Ideas got flowing and haven’t stopped since.

As much of a little win as it was for me, this could be a seriously important product for anyone who genuinely is having trouble with milk production. Also a great gift idea for pregnant women and new mums. Not only is it going to be really helpful health wise, its going to make creating fun, delicious and healthy meals really easy for you, BF, hubby, Grandma or Best friend (who should be doing some meals at this point, and we are probably all getting a bit sick of sausages and mash)(no offence mum) I thought the strong aniseed flavor of our lactation spice friends may overtake the deliciousness of food, but with my neighbors mums lime trees, roasted and toasted hand ground seeds, fresh garlic, ginger and secret Ponsonby big wig knowledge from my olden days, I seem to have created something wicked (This time its not just self proclaimed) and its time to share with everyone!

Our Spice pastes and Blends are a bit of a change up from ye ol faithful and expensive lactation cookie, whose main ingredients are butter, sugar and flour. Super versatile, super easy and super helpful if you need a bit of a boost in the milk bar department.   Obviously you don’t have to be breastfeeding to enjoy this range, the flavor of the extra bits are perfectly matched and balanced to create authentic flavored dishes. If your hubby is like mine and worried he may start lactating, tuck a few breast pads in his shirt just in case. Jokes obv, this is not possible. Im pretty sure anyway. This is not a disclaimer….

Make sure you follow us on facebookInstagram and snapchat to see some awesome food ideas, tips and shortcuts using our products as marinades, sauces, dips, curry bases, rubs, slow cooker seasoning and heaps more everyday ideas.   So hakuna ma tatas ladies! It means no worries, for the rest of your (breastfeeding days) Until the little buggers get teeth anyway!


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