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Blog: A Little Beauty

Blog: A Little Beauty

Eye brows. They are a must to frame your face. Without them, you look weird. Something I knew all too well. Every week I was purchasing more brow pencils, stencils and powders to create a brow that was some what natural looking. Over waxing and plucking had completely ravaged my brows. I felt so self conscious about them, I refused to leave the house unless I had them perfect, which was a very time consuming task every single day, sometimes twice a day. I very rarely took photos of myself, only ever of my kids. On the odd occasion I did, I would make sure the top half of my face wasn’t in the frame, hiding the fact that I had drawn on brows.

While scrolling through the hashtag feather brows on Instagram late one night, a little at home beauty salon called A Little Beauty run by Fallon Carter caught my eye. I scrolled through her feed, amazed by her work. It took me a while to book in my appointment, so many what if this happens? What if I hate them? I took the plunge in May and wow, I can tell you now…NO REGRETS whatsoever!

Specialising in feather brow tattooing, Fallon’s work is amazing. I went from very little to real looking brows in the matter of 2 hours. I’ve since been back twice for touch ups, as I had very little hair it has taken a few times to build up my perfect looking brows. I am extremely happy with the result. Below is my before and after photo, this was on my first session. The second photo is after my second session.

Feather brow tattoos last for about 18 months to 2 years, depending on how you care for them and your skins ability to hold the pigment etc. The process is very simple, with very minimal pain. Fallon made sure the colour and shape were to my liking every step of the way. Unlike normal tattoos, you are numbed before any strokes are applied. After the first few hair like strokes she then reapplies numbing gel and continues on with her work. By the end of the session you feel very little. After care is a must, and will determine how well the pigment will hold. No wetting the area for 5 days, use the special cream she supplies every 2 hours to keep them moist. After about 2 days you will scab up, like a normal tattoo does. The colour is quite dark for the first 3 or so days, but after that they will fade. After a week your brows will be healed but may still have scabs.  The price for feather brow tattooing is $500. This includes your retouch visit/s. And they last for up to 18months to 2 years. After that initial 18 months (as long as the brows are no more than 18 months old) the retouch is $200.

Fallon has been in the beauty industry for 10 years, working at some of Perth’s top salons, but now has a young family so works from home. She also does waxing, tanning, manicure/pedicure, eye brow/lash tinting and eyelash lifts. You can check out her website¬†here. With a full price list available on the website, there is something for everybody.

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I am extremely happy with them and my confidence is through the roof now I have brows. I have the 30 mins of my life applying my brows back so I can enjoy a coffee before leaving the house #winning. If someone asked me if i’d do it again, I would in a heart beat. I still do apply a light coat of brow powder as the pigment does fade, so it’s just to fill in the gaps and make them look fuller, other than that they bloody rock! If you are struggling with your brows, have very little, or just need some definition…I highly recommend contacting Fallon.

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